Gates joins Ballmer and predicts Google's demise

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer make profecies


In the last time, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's leaders, have made a lot of comments on the temporary success of companies like Apple or Google.

Commenting on iPod's success, Gates said that it's only a passing thing. Shortly thereafter, Steve Ballmer said that Google might disappear in the next five years. Now, Gates comes with another statement that backs Steve Ballmer's prediction. Gates claims that in a short time, Google will be dethroned, the motivation being the adopting of new technologies by the search engine's competitors.

Microsoft's founder took the opportunity and presented MSN's Virtual Earth, the latest service launched by the company in response to Google's countless services. MSN is also going through a "makeover" stage, offering users a new interface, which can be personalized by each user.

Still, Gates was more than sarcastic at the press conference: "Google is still perfect, the bubble is floating and they can do everything. You should buy their stock at any price.", said Gates. Obviously, this phrase was followed by negative comments on Google's potential, pointing out that the technology this company is using will be obsolete in a few years which will lead to Google's demise.


By    27 May 2005, 13:33 GMT