Getting Your Laptop Card Reader to Read 4GB SD Cards

A step by step tutorial

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For some unknown cosmic reason, laptop producers have some difficulties communicating with 4GB SD card producers. I mean is it too much to ask to be able to use a 4GB SD card with a brand new technologically advanced laptop?

Here's the deal. I have a Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP ultra-portable notebook; I don't want to brag about it, but this is one heck of a laptop: small, powerful and it has all the whistles and bells you can possible want in a device in its class, except one annoying thing: no support for a 4GB SD card.

Yes, high capacity normal SD cards are tricky, but since some laptops (the card was also tested on a Dell) can do it, the Vaio should also be able to rise up to the expectations.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and it takes a lot of ambition to convince Sony's little laptop to shake hands with a 4GB SD card.

Before we dirty our hands with the intricate ways of the Device Manager and the treacherous Texas Instruments card reader driver, let me state that I am not the author of this workaround. This tutorial is based on the findings of a member called MFB from the discussion board.

It's interesting to notice that although this little trick was initially designed to get a HP notebook to read the card, it works perfectly well with other brands as well and the proof is that I've used it ona Vaio. This is because there are many units out there incorporating a Texas Instruments card reader.

The first step of this operation is to download the driver. Here's the link to Softpedia's drivers database or you can go directly to HP.

The second thing you need to do is to remove the existing Texas Instrument driver using Windows add/remove. The OS might want you to reboot, but don't click yes. Now it's time to run the installer previously downloaded.

You now have to go to the location (C:SWSetupSP33416BaseprogramfilesTexas Instruments IncTIPCI) with all the extracted files and to right click on the file tifm21.inf; choose install.

Before going any further, you might want to try and insert the 4GB card into the reader; sometimes it works just by doing that.

If you card reader still refuses, go to the control panel/system/device manager and look for PCMCIA adapters and expand; right click on the 2nd generic cardbus control and click update driver. Choose "install from a specific location", " I will choose what driver to install" and press "Have disk". Browse to where you extracted the files (C:SWSetupSP33416Baseprogram filesTexas Instruments IncTIPCI) and choose tifm21.

Your 4GB SD card and laptop should now be best friends.


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