Gillian Anderson to Reveal Her Breasts on the Big Screen

The former "X Files" star had troubles in finding a new role and admits she loved starring in the famous aliens TV show

Former tough and intelligent Dana Scully from the "X Files" TV show is about to strip for the big screen now. Gillian Anderson will appear topless in her next movie, called "Straightheads". The sexy red-headed actress is set to star in the British revenge thriller that presents the situation of a middle-class couple that, after surviving a gang attack, embarks on a violent spree.

"There are two sex scenes... one more graphic than the other. There's quite a bit of sick violence thrown in as well," an insider said. Gillian Anderson said she's been having troubles finding roles since leaving Hollywood for the UK… maybe this is why she's up for revealing her breasts. "My agent was trying to tell everyone I had done 'Bleak House' for the BBC but no one cared. In Hollywood, you are only as good as the last thing you were in and it's been a while since I've been in anything," the actress explained her frustration.

But the former "X Files" star revealed she would love to go back to her aliens show and that "David Duchovny and I and creator Chris Carter are determined to do another. Hopefully, by the time we actually do it, whenever that is, people will still give a damn."