"Girls Aloud" Sarah Talks Penis Size

It's yet another chapter in the celebrity penis talk saga

  Sarah isn't afraid to talk sex
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It's quite funny how at one point or another in their career, celebrities seem to feel the obsessive-compulsive need to talk about sex - and not just any kind of sex talk. I'm not being sexist here, seeing how I'm a gal and all, so I can share some of my own personal observations with you and tell you that I couldn't help but notice that most famous ladies turn to penis size talk at some point in their career. I have no idea why this happens - maybe because they believe it can help them look more daring, sexy or act as proof that they are open-minded.

And, just in case there are some of you out there who are not yet familiar with the wonders and (most often) the horrors that are occasionally vented out of the mouth of one celebrity or the other, I'll just quickly mention two masters of the genre - the boobilicious British glamour model Jordan and another supermodel, Heidi Klum (is it a coincidence that these two share a profession? I somehow doubt it). Both these ladies have entertained and sometimes horrified us with tales about the size and inner working of their husbands' manhoods - and now, we have another celebrity singer who joins their ranks, with a rather controversial statement that I'm sure will give rise to much speculation and controversy among the experts of penis talk. Kidding!

Enter the extravagant and occasionally infamous "Girls Aloud" star Sarah Harding! The sexy singer - who is currently dating DJ Tom Crane and has been previously romantically linked to Calum Best and actor Stephen Dorff - stated that she isn't fussy when it comes to the length of her lovers' manhood, as long as they know how to use it in the bedroom. "No, size doesn't matter to me. It's all about what you do with it", she said. Well, I'm sure some other ladies would seriously disagree to that - Heidi Klum would probably lead the offensive, seeing how she was sure to let us all know that she fell for her husband Seal, after seeing his impressive "package" one day, when he was going to the gym wearing revealing shorts.

Although Sarah is happy to talk about her sex life, her band mates don't seem to share her passion for open bedroom talk. "We don't like talking about bedroom stuff too much. If we talk about these things, they'll end going everywhere, it's like, " 'Girls Aloud' do so-and-so in bed; we don't need that", says Cheryl Cole, who is married to England soccer star Ashley Cole. Yes, well, they may have a (very ironic) point in the context of this very article, but really, if everyone were so careful with their confessions, the world would be a darker, much sadder place. Wouldn't you agree?

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