Have You Seen the Movie about Sex with Horses?

'Zoo' - a look into the ostracized world of zoosexuals

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Among the uncommon movies that premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival in January, possibly the most shocking one (yes, even more shocking that what has been called Dakota Fanning's 'rape movie') was that dwelling on the topic of bestiality, or 'animal love' as zoophiles tend to term it. And, guess what? You, too, will get to see it because THINKFilm has purchased the rights for the domestic release and is planning to do so sometime soon.

'Zoo' focuses on a real story, dating from 2005. Back then, when engaging in sexual relations with an animal was not yet considered something illegal in Washington, a man whose identity has been kept from the press (and who was referred to as 'Mr. Hands') died after he had sex with a horse. The case made it into the national and international press, mainly because it led to the unearthing of an entire community of zoophiles that often had sex with animals, videotaped themselves while they were doing it and then masturbated during joint sessions of 'porn' watching. The sad fact that that man had died was somehow forgotten amidst the craziness that ensued and this is exactly what director Robinson Devor tried to emphasize with this daring work.

We have to give him that: the topic is jaw-breaking and, no doubt, it could have aroused interest in many (aside from the already sub-sub-community of animal 'lovers'), had the movie been well put together. The director tried to focus more on what really happened that night that Mr. Hands was carried anonymously to a hospital with a perforated colon, instead of on judging who was 'raped' or who was the 'victim' in the amorous encounter.

As much as one would admire the courage Devor needed to finish such a task (he had been warned beforehand that the movie could kill both his career and the studio that would acquire the distribution rights), 'Zoo' remains a good piece of cinematography only from the point of view of its concept. The man wanted to present the other side of the story, what those people (who taped themselves getting it on with all kinds of animals) really felt, he dreamed of giving them their voices back (not to justify themselves but to make themselves, probably for the first time, heard), to allow them to express the true nature of their 'love' towards animals.

Yes, he did dream of all that. But, instead, what Devor finally came up with was a lousy movie that is confusing, lacking any unity, blurring and, most important of all, boring (please keep in mind that we're still talking about the movie and not about the sexual act and following death in themselves). He fails to give a possible answer to all the questions he set out to ask, the re-enactments are carried through by the worst actors ever and the so called 'documentary' looks scripted from beginning to end. He wanted to introduce us behind the drama that played in the media and he did nothing of the kind. 'Zoo' dies after only 5 minutes of running on the screen.

My advice is simple: if you really feel you have the necessary degree of tolerance to see what goes in the minds of zoosexuals, you should go and see 'Zoo'. If not, maybe some things would be best left alone. To date, there is no official release for the film but, seeing that the poster was today made available, we can conclude that it won't take long until it hits theaters nationwide.

In what regards the decision made by the director, there are some who believe that Devor did the right thing by approaching such controversial topic. Below are two of many comments posted on various blogs, in direct reference to Mr. Hands and his love affair with the Arabic stallion ('direct' meaning 'from zoosexuals').

1. 'all right, as a zoosexual, i didn't really appreciate what you said. first off, the horse was not a victim and was not "raped". seriously, they out weigh us by a ton and if you knew anything about horses, could easily kill you if they wanted too. animals will usually have sex with anything, they don't have any "taboos" like we do. it's the same as if you were breeding a horse with an artificial vagina, or "phantom". they'll hump that no problem, same as they would a human, although, because thier sex drive is naturally powered by smell, they usually won't get an erection just from looking at you. but it doesn't take them long to figure out what your'e up to, and usually the next time you see them they'll get all excited and start to erect cause they know what's coming, they aren't all like "oh my gosh i've been violated somebody help!". bestiality isn't cruel, and i hope this info has enlightened you. We only want the same treatment that homosexuals have, and to be accepted in today's culture, is that too much to ask? legalize bestiality NATIONWIDE, not just in some states. peace out'

2. 'The making of the film "ZOO" is fine but I/We zoophiles hope that the facts will be correct. It is very rare that anyone gets hurt or actually dies from having sex with an animal. The animal didn't kill the man in Enumclaw. He had refused to go to the hospital, as his friend wanted him to. The guy was drunk and wasn't aware of what had happened. He was the one that caused his own death by not being careful. There will always be sex with animals. It is a practice as old as life. Some say it's wrong because it's not normal. If you have a large group of zoophiles and a couple people amongst that group that are "straight", that the norm would be the zoophiles. I/we, are happy with ourselves and don't bother others or force our beliefs on others. By making bestiality illegal, doesn't matter to us. It is only a minor inconvenience. Love is in the eye of the beholder. The extent and the depth of love with animals are strictly up to the individual. The only reason bestiality is becoming a more occurring thing is because of media and communication today. The actual number of occurrences probably is less today than it was say 20 years ago. Love is love no matter who or what it is between. Love and passion is the most powerful force of the mind. Personally I would not get it on with a large stallion, but like I said. Different people have different preferences. The Movie "ZOO" will help to educate the general public that we are amongst you just like the gays, the Blacks, the Christians and Muslims and all other different types of the world. One group will always try to control others and try to force others to feel the way they do. It's all about power of one over the other. It's not about who is wrong, but who is stronger over the other. Everyone wants conformity and when someone like one zoophile dies as a result of peritonitis following sex with a stallion, that person wasn't conforming to the masses of society so he is labeled sick or just wrong. Makes you think about it doesn't it. Let individuals be themselves as long as it isn't hurting anyone other than themselves. I am against cruelty to animals in any way. In this case there wasn't any cruelty to any animal.'

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