Heidi Klum Is Naked and Painted

The German supermodel went for the "painted on bikini" look for the following summer

  Heidi Klum shows off her charms in a sizzling new photo shoot
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Heidi Klum naked is great news any day of the week (and twice on Sunday) - but how about Heidi Klum naked and with a lot of body paint on? However, if the "naked" part is the only one you registered, let me make things clear: the stunning German supermodel is indeed wearing no clothes - none made of fabric, anyway - but her shapes are indeed covered in layers of artistically and strategically applied paint, that take the shape of a T-shirt and a yellow bikini bottom, or an equally sexy black and red striped bikini. Klum thus flaunts her perfect shapes and flawless body, showing us why she is one of the top earning supermodels in the world at the moment.

Heidi has a history of playing with paint and her own body. Two years ago, in 2006, she posed for a highly appreciated - and extremely sexy, we might add - photo spread for the prestigious Sports Illustrated, donning a range of imaginary swimsuits while striking a series of provocative poses for the benefit of the magazine's readers - and her fans everywhere. Heidi's present body paint spread is equally sexy, and features a modern-looking Heidi who abandoned the vintage vamp look of the Sports Illustrated issue two years ago and went for her natural looks, matching her painted-on bikini with a fur coat and her trademark, dark-blonde locks.

Heidi's photo shoot - although not among her boldest to date - preserves a vintage yet sexy air that makes Heidi come across as both sophisticated and not exceedingly pretentious, refined and yet keeping some level of innocence and candor that many will claim are her trademark in a line of work that always seeks out the exotic, the unexpected, the one aspect that sets a model apart from the rest of the fold and turns her into a supermodel. There's not much we can add except enjoy Heidi, and keep your fingers crossed for more of the same. Given that the German model and mother of three comes across as very clever and down-to-earth despite her fortune and fame, we're safe to assume that whatever Heidi will put out there will be of good quality.

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