If You Think I'm Sexy, and You Want My Body, C'mon Baby Let Me Know...

Britney Spears wants Justin back!

Britney Spears' love life is very much like a rollercoaster at the highest of high speeds. But getting back with former flame Justin Timberlake? No, it ain't gonna happen, y'all! The latest rumor in Tinseltown goes something like this: the pop star is trying to make Mister SexyBack jealous, in the hope that he would get back to her and rekindle their relationship.

If this is true, we have the first official proof that Brit Brit is a mastermind at planning strategic moves. You see, they say (meaning, the tabloids, of course) that Spears is not over with her latest boy toy Isaac Cohen. In fact, that's already confirmed, because the paparazzi have photos of them together, from last night, when they enjoyed a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant.

Sources from inside - meaning probably former friends who can hold a grudge until kingdom come - told the media that Britney called Isaac again after she devised one of the most ingenious plans of re-conquering her former man, Justin: she wants to make him jealous by coming out in public with such an accomplished and famous young man as Isaac is.

'Britney gets an ego boost by parading her piece of eye candy around! Britney hopes Justin will think more of her now she's been seen with a successful guy like Isaac, because she isn't hanging out with a loser like Kevin anymore. She wants to prove she can still land a good-looking and desirable guy.', the spy told the media.

OK, so rewind: while Britney is changing colors with the speed of light (oh, I almost forgot, she's a brunette again) and hanging out with a guy with such a low self-esteem that he doesn't even mind if you barf up on him, a model who really wants to be an actor (haven't we seen her before with a dancer that really wanted to be a rapper?, oh, wait she was even married to him!), a man whose name nobody would have ever known had it not been for that fortunate circumstance that threw him in Britney's arms, Justin is single again and partying with the hottest babes in showbiz.

The mere thought that, right now, he might be holding Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Biel's panties in his teeth in some fancy hotel suite proves us, once again, that Britney is a genius. Her plan simply can't go wrong! In your face, Cameron Diaz! This is how you get a man back!