Intel is offering 10,000 dollars for Moore's Law

Through eBay


Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, said in 1965 during an interview given to Electronics Magazine that the number of transistors from a processor will double each year.

This statement is known in the IT&C history as Moore's Law; ten years later, Moore reconsidered his statement, saying the interval is 2 years instead of one. In time, his law was confirmed.

But Intel has recently found out that the issue of the magazine is missing from the company's collection and Gordon Moore's issue is also missing.

Therefore, the company is offering a reward of 10,000 dollars for that issue of Electronics Magazine. The offer was made through an eBay auction and Intel hopes that the sum is tempting enough to determine those who think they might have had it to start searching it.

Intel employees cannot participate to this "treasure hunt" and the company accepts copies from the library or museum collections only if they have been sold by them.

Intel will pay the sum only for the original issue and not for photocopies, and if there are more sellers, the company declared that all the copies will be bought but at a lower price.

eBay's offer can be seen HERE, and until now, only photocopy offers have been made.


By    13 Apr 2005, 07:25 GMT