Is This the Infamous Vivica Fox Sex Tape?

Have a look and make up your own minds...

  Maybe a little more attention next time she has sex and things will be fine...
What do you know - Vivica Fox has been a really bad girl last year. No, I'm kidding, she was just one very naïve lady, and like in so many other cases before her, she is and will continue to be paying the price for her ignorance. Big time. Which goes to show that it's always good to be sober when you decide to perform oral sex on a guy, no matter how close (or distant) you are to him. Or, maybe that's a contradiction - in the sense that if the guy in question is not that close to you, it probably helps to be drunk before helpfully... ahem, servicing him. The fact is, whatever we choose to call it, the Vivica Fox sex tape rumor is true - there is such an infamous clip, and now a censored version of it is available online. You can have a look here - BE WARNED, IT'S NSFW AND PG13 - and decide for yourselves whether it really is Vivica or some fame-thirsty lookalike pretending to be her.

The fact is, if it is her, Vivica has every right to be pissed - big time, and the guy who taped her deserves a few years in the clink, getting up close and personal with people with equally less honorable habits. In the end, as long as she didn't consent to the tape being made (the guy she was having sex with is said to have secretly taped her with a camera phone), she's just unlucky to being taped doing what everybody else does - only in private. And while I could go into a long rant here about responsibility and so on, the fact is we all do irresponsible things once in a while - and while most of the times we get away with it, sometimes we don't.

And in the end, it's not like Vivica was a pristine actress with a clean record - in fact, she's been quite a controversial character lately, which means the whole "acting irresponsibly" thing might very well apply to her in this circumstance. She was booked on a DUI charge last December (for which she could face some serious jail time), and also pleaded not guilty to two DUI counts last September. Also, last year (in March) she was arrested for doing 80 mph on the Ventura Freeway, and ended up calling her arresting officers "racist white cops". So you see, it's not like we're dealing with a fragile saint here who won't be able to deal with the pressure of being in the spotlight for the wrong thing again, and getting more negative press. If anything, maybe this will act as a wake-up call for her - but in the end, who can tell for sure?