James Bond, The Champion Of Unsafe Sex

Dr. Gunasekera: "There were no condoms, no birth control measures, and no public health consequences".

According to late studies, fictional character superspy James Bond was voted as the champion of unsafe sex by the medical world.

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine has released a study on 87 movies and came to the conclusion that films like "Basic Instinct", "American Pie" and the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" showed frequent acts of sex, where the partners don't use protections for sexually-transmitted diseases, the risk of HIV or birth control.

Dr Hasantha Gunasekera, the leading author of the paper who works for Sydney University in Australia, said: "The study showed there were no references to important consequences of unsafe sex such as HIV transmission, spread of sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.
The social norm being presented in movies is concerning, given the HIV and illicit drug pandemics in developing and industrialized countries."

The movie with the most sexual explicit acts was Basic Instinct, made in 1992, which showed six episodes of intercourse, with new or married partners.

Dr Gunasekera said: "There were no condoms, no birth control measures, and no public health consequences. Obviously there were other consequences such as death and social embarrassment."

Other films included in the survey were The Sixth Sense (1999), Armageddon (1998), Terminator 2 (1991), Mission Impossible II (2000), Cast Away (2000) the Bond film The World Is Not Enough, Die Hard - both "With A Vengeance" (1995) and Die Hard 2 (1990).

Only two of them, "The Sixth Sense" and "Cast Away", had "no negative health behaviors".