Jennifer Aniston Has Perfect Legs

'Braun' carried a study to see which actress is perfect from the waist down

It seems that Jennifer didn't totally lose it and is doing just fine after her nasty divorce from Brad Pitt: she has one good movie that did unexpectedly well at the box-office, is still considered a genuine beauty queen and, to top all that, she just beat Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera in a new poll.

The 'Braun' electronics company, through their scientist, conducted a research to find out who has the perfect legs in showbiz.

For it, they applied a newly discovered formula, taking into consideration the proportions of the legs and thighs and the texture of the skin.

Jennifer scored an amazing 14.67, the highest score of all the women that were 'tested'. Dr Aric Sigman, the man in charge of the study, said: 'For men, the ideal leg is shapely, full and smooth, with a semi-gloss sheen. Women want the same thing - only two sizes smaller'. And the winner was declared, by far, Jennifer Aniston.

The research also revealed that most British men prefer their women with more curvy-like legs, such as Beyonce Knowles has. The conclusion of the test was that women place more stress and are harder on their figure than men are. As if that was something new...

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