Jenny Mccarthy Denies Having Lesbian Sex with Jenna Jameson

The porn queen claims Jenny offered her oral sex in a Las Vegas restroom

Another sex scandal surfaced: Jenny Mccarthy denies Jenna Jameson's Sex Tale, as her publicist Laura Bass said "This story is completely untrue."

Porn queen Jenna Jameson released some shocking statements on a recent Howard Stern Show, saying that actress/model/television personality Jenny was involved in a lesbian sex action with her in a Las Vegas, Nevada, lavatory. The porn star announced the whole world that she received oral sex from Jenny in a restroom in Vegas.
On the other hand, Mccarthy is totally denying these juicy claims and also laughing at the porn star's urge to get some attention from the media.

Jenny has gained her success when she moved from her native Chicago to seek fame and fortune in the City of Angels. After arriving in Los Angeles, she soon learned that auditions were hard to come by even for a Playmate, but she luckily landed at an interview for MTV. MTV's producers liked what they saw in Jenny, so she was hired to co-host "Singled Out", which debuted in the summer of 1995.

As for porn queen Jenna Jameson, she has become the public face of porn throughout the years. She is the top interview choice when the mainstream media does a story on the multibillion-dollar industry of porn. The 2004 publication of her book, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star", legitimized Jenna even further.