Jordan Wants SEX, SEX, SEX!

The glamour model says she doesn't get any because of her children

Children are such a joy to anyone who has them... but not for the glamour model Jordan, who says that her two sons are the reason for which she and husband Peter Andre can't have sex the way she wants to. And she's not even talking her mouth off for nothing: it's all from personal experience.

Recently, Jordan packed her hubby and children, Harvey (4) and Junior (14 months) for a vacation in Cyprus, hoping that she would get a romantic stay there, the likes of she never had before. All her plans came tumbling down when she saw, almost immediately after arriving, that she was to get no hot and wild sex because of the brats.

'The heat on holiday makes you more horny but when you've got kids, it's always a bit hard as one of them could walk in when you've just started', she is quoted in 'The Sun'. The solution: 'So we have to plan sex carefully', the bosomed beauty says, obviously this not being her idea of good sex.

Jordan also had a few words to say about her husband's former lovers who are, according to her, so lame that she doesn't even want to hear about them. 'It makes me sick. All the women he's been with are dirty rats. I haven't seen one stunning woman he's been with yet that I've been threatened by', she said about Peter Andre's former flames.

But that's the way life goes, not everybody can be as hot, natural, classy, intelligent and beautiful as Jordan is!