Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Have Quick Backstage Sex Romps

And they haven't even admitted they're together

  Justin and Jessica take it up to the next level...
I always suspected Justin was the fast type. And now, finally, it seems that my suspicions were confirmed, because it turns out Justin is enjoying his free pass to his girlfriend Jessica Biel's lovely body with a little more enthusiasm than expected. And by that I mean having sex with her backstage during his concerts. Well, don't look at me like that, he seems the type. I first became suspicious when he bragged about liking to use a webcam to keep in touch with his close friends and his (yet unnamed) girlfriend - and we all know that from web cam chat to web cam sex there's just one tiny step to take.

And from there, it's all go for Justin. Star Magazine broke this story and reports that Justin was overheard bragging to his friends that he'd just had sex with Jessica backstage when he was having an intermission while Timbaland performed. I was wondering in fact why Timbaland was giving such long performances during the intermission at his friend Justin Timberlake's concerts. Now it dawns on me that maybe they had a little dirty deal done and it was all a small and innocent diversion for Justin and Jessica to have their little fix and enjoy some hot quickies together.

Justin has been remarkably quiet about his relationship to Biel, but the two were recently spotted in Toronto walking hand in hand. Justin was there filming his new movie "Love Guru" and Jessica...well, she was just keeping him company, I suppose. And even though Justin's secrecy went as far as avoiding to mention Jessica's name on Oprah last month, it seems like Justin Timberlake is finally ready to go public with their relationship.

And by that I mean really public (as in having sex backstage public) - although I tend to find his bragging just a little bit of an anti-climax. I mean, if you insist on playing hide and seek with the press and keep your girl away from the spotlight, at least do it properly. I'm totally in favor of quickies, don't get me wrong - but since they're meant to be known by the lucky couple only, it is sort of reckless - not to mention weird - to be less guarded about having sex than about revealing your girl's identity. Or maybe no - either way, we're waiting for these two to come clean about being together, and then we'll see. And that's a promise.