KILL BILL Church Attacked

An LA gang vandalized the holy building

The isolated chapel in Lancaster, California, used for a wedding day shoot-out in Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL, has been vandalized by a suspected Los Angeles gang, according to

The Calvary Baptist Church was covered with graffiti on October 31, during a Halloween attack.
Apparently, the attack has no connection to the fact that the church hosted Kill Bill scenes.
Quentin Tarantino's 2 volume-movie is one of the most appreciated productions in the past years. After dispensing with former colleagues O-Ren Ishii (LUCY LIU) and Vernita Green (VIVICA A. FOX), in KILL BILL VOL. 1, The Bride (UMA THURMAN) resumes her quest for justice in the series' second installment, KILL BILL VOL. 2. With those two down, The Bride has two remaining foes on her Death List to pursue - Budd (MICHAEL MADSEN) and Elle Driver (DARYL HANNAH) - before moving on to her ultimate goal... to kill Bill (DAVID CARRADINE).

According to pastor Orbin Love, "if the vandals are targeting my church, it's because maybe they are getting a devilish-like invitation from somebody who doesn't want us there."

The Halloween attack is the sixth since Love took over the Spanish-style chapel in 1997.


By Entertainment News Staff    7 Nov 2005, 10:30 GMT