Kate Moss' Cocaine Footage To Be Shown In the Skyes

Is Moss a fashion victim or not?

A British television announced it will broadcast a controversial documentary with Kate Moss featuring footage that shows her snorting cocaine.

UK satellite channel Sky One said the documentary, called "Kate Moss: Fashion Victim?", will cast a "critical eye over the issues raised from the scandal," according to one of their spokespersons.

The spokesman for Sky states: "The documentary aims to paint an honest picture of the landscape that formed the backdrop to the saga and, in a worldwide exclusive, features video footage of the widely-reported incident involving Moss and her self-confessed heroin addict boyfriend Pete Doherty.
It will provide a balanced debate over the role of the media and the fashion industry and ask whether Moss could continue her career."

The drug scandal started almost two weeks ago when Moss, 31, was photographed by Daily Mirror journalists snorting a line of the class A drug on the back of a CD cover, in the studio where Babyshambles were recording their album.

Since then, Kate has lost some big contracts with Chanel, H&M, Burberry and H Stern, because of the drug allegation.