Kate Moss Does Have Breasts - Just Take a Look

And her nipples are just all over the place...

  She sure looks like she doesn't care
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Darling Kate, she's so sweet when she does that. Pose topless, that is, and just give everyone a look at her goodies. If I were to be really mean right now, I'd probably add that there's not much about her boobs that hasn't been seen yet, but anyway - she's just adorable, having fun in the sun like that. She almost looks like a normal human being - she almost looks like she's never ever had sex with Pete Doherty. Yeah, that's a nice visual for all of us, isn't it?

The fact is, Kate sure needs some rest and relaxation after all the hard partying she's been doing lately. Just imagine, finally dissing Doherty and finding herself a new man, she deserves our praise and appreciation. In the end, it was all she could do to save herself from endingup sharing a cell with her ex in some top-security rehab/prison somewhere far, far away. And even though doing drugs with her crazed ex boy-toy and his stoned cat (this is not funny, by the way) may seem an appealing prospect, I think she's much better off without any of it.

By better off, I mean she's not getting stoned - but when it comes to the alcohol, Kate sure knows how to spice up a party. Only last week, Moss and her no-longer-mystery-man Jamie Hince were at it for something close to 30 hours - and it's quite understandable, if she wants the guy to be at least half as popular with us as Doherty was. But I'm telling you, I do think that allowing herself to be photographed topless like that is a statement in its own right. It says, "you don't have to be ... (you fill in the blanks) to see me naked. It's not a privilege, you have to share it with the rest of the world". I'm not sure I'd buy that if I were her man - but who knows, it all depends on how stoned we'd both be.

And just take a look at that photo in which she's diving. Isn't she cute, her nipples all over the place like that...really, it's just too sexy for words. The fact is, this gal sure likes the attention. It's either to show her new man what she's got, or simply to show off - and we do love a good picture of Kate's boobs to spice up our day.

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