Kim Kardashian: Sex Tape Real but Not for Sale

The model says she's not that desperate for money to sell her homemade video

Bad news gentlemen! There is only one sex tape, for which we have confirmation that it exists, that we will never get to see. Of course, the one who 'starred' in it is not such a huge star like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson or Britney Spears, but at least she is hot. That means we stand to lose...

A while ago, rumor began to circulate that Kim Kardashian (known for: number one, she is the daughter of late Robert Kardashian who defended O.J. Simpson in his murder trial and got him off the hook; number two: she is best friends with Paris Hilton and number three: she was linked to various famous men, from P. Diddy to The Game and Nick Lachey) may have a sex tape that she was trying to sell for a huge amount of money. Said home footage was supposed to also feature Ray J, Brandy's little brother, and a 'golden shower' towards the end.

However, the model and aspiring fashion designer denied its existence from the very start, not to mention the fact that she was trying to sell it, a la Paris fashion (you know, there still are many who claim that the 'One Night in Paris' 'leak' was entirely orchestrated by the heiress and her people). She said that she and her former boyfriend, Ray J, never shot such a tape and that, even if they had (which they didn't), she wouldn't want to sell it.

Now, a couple of weeks after the story got into the press, Kim had a sudden change of mind and of perspective. You see, she now recalls that, yes, there is a sex tape! Even more, there are several of them but they are definitely NOT for sale. 'Have there been tapes? Maybe, yes. But are they for sale? No. Not for sale. That's our business.', she said in a recent interview.

As if to drive her point home, she also released a statement via her publicist, in which she states her reason for keeping the tape(s) off the market: 'I'm not poor; I'm not desperate. I would never attempt to sell a tape. It would humiliate me and ruin my family. I have two successful businesses, and I don't need the money.'

Jeez, what a bummer!

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