Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Ballmer! Watch Out Google!

Ballmer reloaded


If we are to take after Steve Ballmer's enthusiasm, Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer, as soon as Windows Vista is available, each of us should rush to the stores and buy a copy, and once it's installed, we should forget about the system's security.

"Most people will trust it from day one on their home computer, and then they will have to decide about their corporate (PC)", Ballmer said during the ITxpo 2005 conference.

Windows Vista should have already been available, but Microsoft hasn't succeeded to ensure the interoperability of the system's components in due time. The new file system will only be available after the operating system is launched.

However, Vista is not the only problem Microsoft has. Facing an increasing competition in the Internet field, the company might be forced to change its API oriented strategy and adapt its service offer to Web interoperability.

Yahoo and Google are forcing Microsoft to make important efforts so that it catches up the lost ground. As usual, Ballmer "felt compelled" to make fun of Google's efforts and services: "We see plenty of opportunities in things that Google might or might not do. If you read the newspapers today, other than curing cancer, Google will do everything."


By Alexandru Macovschi    20 Oct 2005, 08:54 GMT