Lauren Hutton, the Supermodel of the '70s, to Pose Nude at Age 61

"Go, granny, go!"

Model-turned-actress Lauren Hutton has accepted to pose nude for the cover of US magazine Big, at the age of 61.
The model, who had previously appeared nude in the 1970 film "Little Fauss and Big Halsy", has asked this time for the advice of her goddaughter on whether to accept the proposal or not.

And the answer was: "You're kidding? Go, granny, go!"

So Lauren will be seen in full splendor in the Big's 58th issue, in an eight pages pictorial. The magazine promises to contain every aspect of her life and career including: "her homeland, her family album, her travel, her private life, her romance, her adventures, her favorite things, unseen Richard Avedon images, her movie, her shot now: beauty, fashion and nude."

Talking about her daring decision, Hutton said: "I want to show older women they don't have to be ashamed of their bodies."

Isn't she afraid of the reactions? No, for fear is far from "granny" Lauren. To prove it, she can show visitors a rare exhibit at her home: the skin of a black mamba the actress has killed herself in Botswana.

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