Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Back Together in a Movie!

The "Titanic" sweethearts play husband and wife in the drama "Revolutionary Road"

  After 11 years, they still have that unique chemistry.
I'm pretty sure that almost everyone who is reading this article has seen the 1997 tearjerker "Titanic", starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Well, to those of you who thought they made a beautiful on-screen couple, I have the best of news. The two actors are going to play together in a movie after 11 years.

Not only that, the two get to be married in "Revolutionary Road", which is directed by Kate's husband, Sam Mendes, who already has an Academy Award for his work with "American Beauty". Like I said, Leo's and Kate's characters are husband and wife, but just like it happened in "Titanic", the two don't get to live happily ever after.

The movie is based on the "Revolutionary Road" novel written by Richard Yates. DiCaprio and Winslet play Frank and April Wheeler, a young couple that lives in a suburb of Connecticut. After World War II, optimism sweeps America and the Wheelers make no exceptions. April's dream is that she and her husband could one day move to live in Paris, but their hopes and their marriage fall apart as they fail to live up to the American Dream.

Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have been delighted when presented with the opportunity to work once again with Kate Winslet, since the two have remained very close friends after "Titanic". And it seems that no time has passed since they broke millions of hearts in the theaters, as the two still spark that unique chemistry on the big screen. It's obvious that the movie producers counted on this effect when they asked the two actors to perform together once more.

An insider report claims that although the movie is of a somewhat grim nature, Leonardo and Kate are wonderful in their roles. However, If you want to see Jake and Rose......err Frank and April look into each other's eyes, you have to wait until "Revolutionary Road" comes out, and that's only going to happen late next year.


By    4 Jul 2007, 12:40 GMT