Leonardo DiCaprio and the Oscar Joke

The actors says it's about time Martin Scorsese got some recognition for his work

With so many nominations and actual wins at various awards ceremonies, the number of people who are ruling for famed director Martin Scorsese in the Oscar race has just increased by one. During a recent visit to Tokyo to promote the cop drama 'The Departed', Leonardo DiCaprio has publicly shown his support for Scorsese.

After the actual promotion of the movie, the two, standing side by side, answered questions from the reporters. Among the many that were addressed to them was also the one as to what chances they imagine 'The Departed' has of taking home an Oscar for either best director or best film. Obviously, it was prompted by the fact that the movie had already won a Golden Globe for Scorsese as 'Best Film Director'.

Leo immediately took to the stage and, completely omitting himself, said out and loud that it was about time the Academy recognized Scorsese for the brilliant director that he is. He added that, until now, the snub was so crass and outrageous (especially considering two of his best movies, 'Raging Bull' and 'Taxi Driver') that it has become practically a 'joke'.

'It would be wonderful if this film was rewarded, I think it very much deserves it. And I certainly think the man to my left does. It's quite long overdue, almost a practical joke at this point that that hasn't happened.', DiCaprio said about the constant Oscar snub Scorsese has been treated to in the past.

But the director himself (who also worked with Leo on 'Gangs of New York') has no high hopes of getting the accolade in the near future: he has learned from his past experiences that it's best not to dream. 'I learned a long time ago that, with "Mean Streets" and "Taxi Driver", that you can't make a film to get the golden statue. And if you try it doesn't work.', Scorsese said smiling.