Lindsay Lohan Hot Sex Scene in Not So Hot Movie

Although if she's this good, I'm surprised the guy who wanted to kill her didn't change his mind and decided to marry her instead

  Lindsay sure looks like she's on the right track
Lindsay Lohan, as we all know, managed to weasel her way out of prison and is back in rehab for a while. And, as we recently reported, she also had a little 'sexcapade', although we shouldn't be that mean as to presume that the poor girl actually did that because it was in her nature - more like she did it because she desperately wanted to celebrate her one day in jail sentence and didn't know how. We have to hand it to her - in the middle of nowhere, with only such unhealthy activities as riding and rafting at hand, some wild sex in a rehab bathroom cubicle sounds great. And just in case you too hate the fact that none of the rehab personnel who caught Lohan in the act had enough inspiration to take some photos of the whole thing, here's a little something-something to make it up to you.

In fact, I just came across this on YouTube. It's part of Lindsay's latest movie, "I Know Who Killed Me", which didn't do that great at the box office (that's a bit of an understatement - it was effectively torn off by critics) and did manage to kill off what was left of her career. And since I had no intention whatsoever to actually go and see it, I was not aware that hidden inside there was such a heavy-duty bag of sexy goodness. Joke. There's nothing interesting about the movie, I am told, except this bit in which Lindsay and some dude go at it big time. And while I believe that it's no use judging a book by its cover, after watching this scene, I realized not spending 10 dollars to actually sit in a movie theater and see all the action in excruciating detail was one of the best decisions I ever took.

I mean, I must confess I'm sort of disappointed. People were saying how this is Lindsay's first big-time sex scene and how it's going to rock us all so hard it would take us a whole day to calm down our animal instincts. But in fact, I expected so much more of miss "watch me, I know how to have sex" and all we get is some classic action in a classic bed with the classic side-kick drama of the irritated house mate who's annoyed with the noise. And they're not even drunk or drugged-out - or so I've been told. I do believe this film doesn't make use of Lindsay's full acting potential. Really, I think there are so many more unknown depths to her that the moviegoers all over the world (male moviegoers, to be more precise) need to explore in order to fully comprehend this deeply troubled nubile teenager-gone-bad. Joke. In fact, this movie has just about as much depth as a cooking pan and Lindsay herself - while convincing in all aspects connected to the moaning and squeaking - should consider a career change as soon as she's done having rehab sex. And I mean, a seriously major change.

*Note: the contents of this video is not suitable for the office, as it contains explicit adult material.