Lindsay Lohan Ready for A Taiwan Tour

The singer is happy that her music is appreciated in the Asian country

The RUMORS singer has recently found out that her debut album SPEAK has gone gold in Taiwan, and she's now eager to reward her fans there with a visit.
Lindsay Lohan is ready to tour in Taiwan, the Asian country where her music is so appreciated.

"I just found this out today - my album went gold there. It was a great feeling because it was very unexpected", the singer said.

"I would love to (tour Taiwan). I haven't toured at all at this point, but I would really love to do that. It's a great feeling to know that people in other places and other countries are aware of my music and what I do", she added.

Lohan released her follow-up album A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL (RAW) on December 6. This is an album dominated by upbeat, danceable songs.

"I do still have the younger fan base and I want them to be able to relate to some lighter songs, but I want to grow with my fans and I've been trying to do that for so long," says Lohan. "I've just grown up really fast, and I'm thankful for that", the actress/ singer confessed.