Lindsay's Tattoo on the Wrist: BREATHE

After recovering from the asthma attack, the actress tattooed her wrist as a tribute to the shock of the unhappy event

It seems that due to her medical problems, Lindsay Lohan has tattooed BREATHE on her wrist.

A month ago, just on New Year's Eve, the young actress suffered a severe asthma attack and was hospitalized in Miami to receive medical treatment. The tattoo was a result of the scary experience she went through.

The beautiful star's mother said that her daughter had fully recovered from the attack: "She's doing fine, wonderful. Her asthma caught up with her, but she's better now." Lindsay has been having breathing problems for years, since childhood.

Web site quotes one of Lindsay's friends:
"It obviously has a double meaning. It's about the asthma attack, but also a reminder to just slow down and enjoy life."

The actress is now back on the set of the movie "Chapter 27", which is a film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.