Luciano Moggi Under Investigation

Juventus boss seems to have been involved in arranging matches in Serie A


The Italian Football Federation announced today that they will open an investigation concerning Juventus boss, Luciano Moggi. The reason? YesÂ… you guessed right. The involvement in choosing refereeing for his team in Serie A matches. It was no secret for the football fans, especially the ones in Italy, that Juventus were given a little push by the referees to win titles in the Serie A. Well now it's official.

Two of the biggest sports newspapers in Italy - Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera - published a copy of various telephone conversations between Moggi and the Italian refereeing chief, Pierluigi Pairetto, in which the Juventus official asked Pairetto for certain referees in certain matches. These allegations seem to expand to Champions League too, since Pairetto was chief of UEFA refereeing bodies in the past.

Another threat to Moggi family comes from brother Alessandro Moggi. It seems that his firm of football managing has made some illegal operations in the past. Alessandro is under investigations too, since almost all Juventus players have signed contracts with his firm.


By    4 May 2006, 14:19 GMT