Marc Anthony's Ex Wife Confirms J.Lo Is Pregnant

How's that for revenge, everyone?

  Way to go, girl! You show her!
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What was that saying? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned... Well put! And also, isn't revenge best served cold? Well, from both points of view, Marc Anthony's ex wife and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres did what Jennifer Lopez stubbornly will not do and confirmed to the Spanish-language press that the Latino diva is indeed pregnant. Big surprise! No, actually it's not the news in itself that comes as a bit of a shock, but the fact that Torres now has one on J. Lo and she'd better be careful - the vengeful and tantrum-throwing Jennifer will soon be after her. And I'm not even joking.

Torres was asked how her children took the news that they were going to have a half sibling, and this is what she replied: "They don't know yet, as I barely found out yesterday. But I suppose they're going to be very happy, because when my sister had her kid they were". Ouch! That's definitely no slip on behalf of the Marc's beautiful ex wife, who claims that she found out through J.Lo's assistant and her agent.

The fact is, I finally realized why Lopez is stubbornly playing this little game called "I have a baby bump but I pretend I don't" with us. It's all a media stunt - a way of keeping all eyes on her and maximizing the impact and appeal of her concerts. I mean, if all the media is in a continual frenzy speculating about when she is going to make the big announcement, it's natural that they will dog her every step and advertise her every concert and public appearance for free. That's kind of low - but everybody in Hollywood does it at some point. Well, maybe not this stubbornly, but nevertheless...

Immediately after Dayanara's statement, Jennifer's agent, Jennifer Neiman saw herself forced to do some serious damage control. "What happened" she said, "was that the day before I had shown Dayanara the pictures which have been spreading through the Internet of Jennifer, and I warned her that, as had been published, she might be pregnant. I did it in case the children asked her. The eldest is six years old, and he hears the comments at school and on the press. But the truth is we know nothing". Right. Well, keep that story going, if it makes you feel more comfortable - but the cat is out of the bag and I think there's not much to be said on this matter - except maybe whether that story about J. Lo having twins is true or not. Now that would be news!

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