Mariah Carey's Dog Flies Privately

Jack travels first class

Mariah Carey is famous for her high standards. So the fact that she pays for her pet pooch to fly privately shouldn't surprise anybody. The dog is a Jack Russell, "a very masculine dog", to quote the singer, and he, called Jack, travels first class.

When questioned about that, Mariah answered:

"My dog flies private! He's too big.
He's not a little tiny dog.
He's a Jack Russell - he's a very masculine dog."

She added: "I'm not going to put him back with someone I don't know who might feed him or something - he's my dog."

Despite that, Mariah denies acting like a demanding diva. She insists that her demands aren't exaggerated, and, if she asks for specific drinks or prevents people from smoking around her, it's only to protect her voice.

She declared: "That's for my voice I don't think it's being a diva to say, 'I'm in a recording session so please don't smoke a cigarette in here.'"

The diva was seen wearing a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger, sparkling rumors that the expected event - Mark Sudack proposing her - has happened. So, after she dressed like a bride in the video for hit single "We Belong Together", she might also do so in real life.