Mena Suvari Doesn't Care Enough to Slip Her Nipple

So she goes topless for a change!

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Here at the 'Fashion Police', we're all about the nipples (and the asses and many other parts of her body). The charm of all of it and of all the pics I've posted is that they shows that celebrities too can be reckless and, above all, that they can have truly bad days. No, I lie! The charm is that we get to see their private parts when they have no intention of showing them to us!

Just like it happens with the homemade sex tapes. One film of this kind (even if no longer than 10 minutes) will always appeal more to people than regular porn, because we know that what we're looking at is actually the real thing, no editing and no directing. Way off topic, but this is how I see it...

Anyway, back to our sheep (breasts, in this particular case). We have enjoyed seeing stars slip their nipples, flash their asses and what-not and I always had something to say about them. There were only harsh words, of course, but at least those words did pop into my mind. Now, the dilemma: what am I to say about a woman who willingly shows her breasts to the camera? No, let me stand corrected: about one who has absolutely no problem about going topless on a beach swarming with paparazzi?

First of all (and this is just my personal opinion, so you don't have to agree to it), the first thing that comes to mind when I look at these pics of the 'American Pie' star is that I would have loved her better if I didn't know how she looked without her bra on. Really now, I'm not the one who's all about women with big bazookas, but Mena's assets should have stayed where they were meant to stay: in the cups of her bikini top.

Then again, if she wishes to go topless, good for her! But what's up with those glasses? Nicole Richie set a truly bad fashion trend with those bug-eyed sunglasses (the bigger the better) and I see that, unfortunately, it got picked up really fast. Mena is too pretty a girl to cover half her face with those horrendous things. If she could just take them off her nose and place them on her chest... yeah, that would totally make my day!

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