Michael Jackson and the Brand New Ferrari Flight to Bahrain

The King-of-Pop-wanna-be star has reportedly flown a brand new Ferrari to his new Bahrain home.

Tired of problems, lawsuits and paparazzi, Michael Jackson intends to spend more time at his new luxurious residence in Bahrain.

According to an inside source, the famous pop star has had a brand new red Ferrari over to his Middle Eastern palace because he didn't want to be stuck on a long waiting list for luxury cars.

Jackson, who has recently declared he has fallen in love with the country, decided to retire and relax at the mansion, which sits on 14 acres of land, according to the New York Post. His friend, Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad al Khalifa, became his neighbor.

Earlier this year, the pop star and the King's son, Sheik Abdullah, have announced their intention to release a charity record together.

Last month, the acquitted singer flew by private jet to the Gulf state after his child molestation trial and was said to be staying as a guest of the Royal family, with whom he befriended many years ago.