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The 24-year-old British glamour model, known worldwide for her massive boobs, has recently appeared in some topless pictures. These specific pictures, which we have provided for you right on this page (yes, I know I'm spoiling you), show the sex-bomb Michelle Marsh on the beach with no bra (hurray!). Don't get your hopes up, she is using her hands to cover them (just barely).

Now I have the mind to file a complaint on this matter. It's just not fair. While topless, one's breasts, especially the ones of Michelle Marsh, should be completely visible. And Michelle has violated that unwritten, yet universally known rule. I demand satisfaction!

In the meantime, direct your attention to the exquisite polka dot bikini that Michelle is wearing. Can't focus on her bikini? Neither can I. My guess is that it has something to do with her boobs. And since we're back on this subject, I believe I should inform you that these babies are about to be put to use by the end of this year. Allow me to explain.

In case you did not know, as of this month, Michelle Marsh is off the market. She is the wife of the Oldham Athletic defender Will Haining (I never heard of him either). Perhaps the reason why the two married is that Will knocked her up about four months ago. So there, the future offspring of Michelle Marsh will have unrestricted access to those puppies. His fortune may increase if she decides to nurse him.

Therefore, there isn't much else to say about these pictures. I believe you will all appreciate them, although they may not be as topless as you (and I) might want. But fortune may smile upon you, because in the world of glamour models, such pictures are bound to surface at one time. And when they do, you're bound to see them here. In the meantime, use these snapshots!

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