Monica Bellucci Embraces Nudity

The naked human body is a perfect tool of expression

Monica Belluci is the dream actress for any director, not only because of her appearance or for her acting skills, but also for the way she thinks.
Belluci has revealed she doesn't understand stars who refuse to disrobe.

"I'm not scared by nudity, because for me, nothing is more beautiful than a body. You can have such amazing emotion from a body," Monica was quoted by Femalefirst as saying.

"In IRREVERSIBLE, I treated my body like it was an object and it's great when you can have this kind of relation with your body, it's a part of your job, an object you can work with. When you can have this kind of freedom it's the moment where you can give your best as an actress," she added.

The 36-year-old actress made a nude calendar for the Italian magazine Max in 1998 and another for the Italian magazine GQ in 2000.

Monica has a daughter with husband Vincent Cassel, Deva, born September 2004.
Talking about how she manages her personal life and career, Belluci has declared:
"My career, at the moment, is very exciting, but love comes first because it balances me."


By    28 Oct 2005, 11:12 GMT