Moulin Rouge on the Stage?

The director Baz Luhrmann has already approached Kidman and McGregor with the offer

The director of the 2001 smashing hit 'Moulin Rouge' has been thinking of making a musical for the stage with the same theme ever since the shooting for it ended.

Apparently, he also considered reuniting the two stars that played the main characters in the movie. Sources say that Luhrmann has already mentioned something to Nicole Kidman and fellow actor Ewan McGregor, but they say nothing as to the way the two reacted to the offer.

The director is quoted to have said that the musical for the stage 'will be the most lavish musical to open for many years' in London's West End. There's no doubt that it will and people from all over the world, who have seen and appreciated the movie are already in expectation.

A close friend of Baz told the press that it is very likely that he will again talk to Nicole about his project this weekend, when he will attend her wedding to country singer Keith Urban in Australia.