Not a Day Goes by Panty-less

Paris Hilton strikes again!

You thought today would just go by without seeing panties when you shouldn't? You lived under the misguided impression that Paris or Lindsay would ever allow that? My, my, this can't be... Such starlets as they are thrive on the attention they get and, considering they have zit to show for (crappy music and crappy movies, respectively), they must at least show (literally) something.

So, this is Paris. We all know her, on the outside, underneath and on the inside too. She is the most overrated celebrity in the world and there's no need to ask ourselves why. It's because of people like me, who write about her because they simply can't believe this can be true, and of people like you, who read about her because they can't believe it either.

Well, I guess we'll have to get accustomed at least with one thing in what regards the blonde socialite: she knows what underwear really means. Actually, she has seen it and has learned about its magical powers of covering up your genitalia, especially when you have the tendency to unexpectedly lift your legs high up in the air.

This photo was taken when Paris attended a Jay Z concert in Las Vegas. No need to wonder why she has no shoes on and looks a bit flushed in the face. Just learn that, after Jay Z wrapped up his gig, Paris went on stage, asked the DJ to play two of her tracks, puked and then left. Mmm, I wonder why she is acting so giggly in this photo, while she is flashing us her matching panties...(deep sigh of concentration).