OMG! Is David Beckham, Like, Totally Naked?

Never before seen photo leaked or just a fake?

  Is this really David? Naked and stuff?
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David Beckham is hot. Or so I hear. Anyway, because there is this, like, total madness around him and his moving to the US in a couple of months, I thought you might as well see him in the buff (or some very good Photoshop). No really, while I do not partake of this whole Posh 'n' Becks frenzy, if this photo is for real, then the man is... err... an artist!

A couple of weeks ago, the Internet was all abuzz when Daniel Radcliffe (also known as the Harry Potter dude) promoted his 'Equus' play by means of a series of very revealing posters. However, it was the last one that truly went down in history because, well, he was doing the full frontal nudity thing, thus showing the world his (Photoshopped) penis.

I am not one of those who say that it's OK only for women to pose naked. As a matter of fact, I'm all game for this nudity stuff but, still, this time around I'm gonna have to warn you that this might not be the real thing. And I'm not talking about David Beckham's penis, but about the photo in itself because there is a very huge chance that it's not real.

Word on the street has it that this photo (the NSFW version is not included, but I have no doubt you will find it if you really want to see David's package) might be an outtake from the photo shoot he did a couple of years ago for charity, at the time when the pic from below was released. The sources who claim that this one, too, is real base their argument on the fact that it is slightly artistic, so it might as well be one of those photos that were never released to the public. Of course, admitting that this theory stands also implies finding an answer in what concerns the person who leaked it all over the Internet.

This pic is high quality Photoshop and, if David is not really naked, then who did it certainly knew his job. But there is one thing that bugs me (other than the fact that the soccer star appears to not be circumcised and he stated in his biography that he was) in it: what is up with the lower part of his legs (from the calves down) and his feet? If whoever faked it really wanted to do a good job, they could have at least invested some time in airbrushing the feet too, don't you think? Their color is certainly not natural - even more, they look greenish, as the feet of a dead person.

All in all, I'm confused. And not even the thought of David Beckham in the nude (of whom people say that he's, like, really hot and steamy and what not) can help me out of my predicament. If the pic is a fake, you're sure to find out here because, come tomorrow, there will probably be some heavy suing on David's part. If not, you'll still enjoy the artsy pic! So, it's a win-win situation.

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