Owen Wilson Tried to Kill Himself at least Two Times Before

Looks like it's all been uphill for Owen lately

  Hope he solves his issues and is back on his feet soon
It seems that Owen Wilson's suicide attempt on August 26th was not the first time the popular comedy author attempted to take his own life. An insider reports that Wilson has been fighting depression for most of his adult life and that the face that we have grown to associate with good-quality comedy and easy-going fun is in fact that of a deeply troubled man.

Wilson's most recent suicide attempt has been a controversial topic and no one really knows what happened that fateful Sunday morning two weeks ago. First, Wilson was reported to have been found by one of his brothers (not sure whether Andrew or Luke) with his wrists slashed and an open bottle of pills by his side. Then, Owen's representative stated off the record that there had been no drug overdose, but that the actor had really slashed his wrists. And then came the post-hospital discharge photos of Wilson without any visible marks on his wrists, but looking distinctly dishevelled and depressed and reportedly in very bad emotional shape.

In any case, Wilson is currently back home from the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and under constant supervision from friends and family. In the aftermath of the scandal and following the tone set by Courtney Love's allegations involving British actor Steve Coogan (whom she designated as responsible for Wilson's descent into drugs and alcohol) one of his friends went on to state that Wilson has tried to kill himself at least twice before.

"A good portion of his (Wilson's) life has been dedicated to fighting depression and addictionÂ… This is the third time he's tried killing himself" the source claims, while insisting that Wilson's break-up with girlfriend Kate Hudson was not in any way what caused the suicide attempt, as it has been suggested. The real reason, the same source states, was the fact that Wilson was upset because he had failed to come up with material for a friend's film project. "Owen felt demoralized after letting down his pal" says his friend. Well, the thing is, if letting down a friend was enough to push Wilson over the edge, it means the actor has some serious issues to deal with - which he will, hopefully, with some help and less media coverage.