Paris Gave 'Something' to Cher's Son

Elijah Blue Allman said that he had sex with the heiress and that she gave him a sexually-transmitted disease

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Paris is fuming over the statement that Cher's son made during the 'Howard Stern Show' last week, according to which he and Paris had been intimately acquainted before she became the superstar that she is at the moment.

In what was probably supposed to be a funny joke, Elijah, a guitarist for the band Deadsy, said that he and Paris had sex a very long time ago. All that he remembers from the experience was that, after the sex part was done with, he was so terrified that she had given him some venereal disease that he scrubbed his genitals with a household cleaner, 'probably Tilex'.

A source close to the heiress/singer said that she is not happy at all with Elijah's confession and that the fact that he said about her that she's a 'sweet girl' doesn't make up for the offense. But Paris is not the only celebrity with whom Cher's son claims to have gotten that close.

He said, during the same interview, that he also slept with Nicole Richie, more than six years ago. He said that they are still best friends. But, on the other side, Nicole doesn't have a sex tape out and hasn't publicly announced that she would be staying off sex for an entire year, so it's easily understandable why she wouldn't be offended by him discussing his private life in front of an audience of millions of people.

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