Paris Hilton Attacked by Her Pet Monkey

No permanent damage

Baby Luv is the name of the 'beast' that did something that Nicole Ritchie would have definitely preferred to do: has attacked Paris Hilton.

Problem is monkey Baby Luv is her pet, not her enemy.
But still, it bit Paris and clawed her face. No permanent damage though.

The event occurred while the two were gone shopping for lingerie. As girls do. Maybe the monkey was jealous on the things Paris was buying, or perhaps the socialite didn't want to shop for Baby Luv some bikinis as well. The reasons for the attack are shrouded in mystery.

Paris' reaction was calm and merciless. She hooked the monkey up to a leach, chained it to a cabinet and went back shopping.

She then spent over $4,000 on designer bras, panties and a kinky bullwhip, according to America's New York Post newspaper.

In the meantime, photos of Paris' mom Kathy, taken when she was only 14, have appeared for sale on the Internet.
The seller, "Pierce", has claimed the pictures were taken at a party: "There was some party that night, and Kathy was my favorite guest!".

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