Paula Abdul And Her Boob Job Gone Wrong

Some women should never be allowed to wear cleavage

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Back in the '90s, she used to be sooo hot! And she could sing and act, and had a real career thing going on. Now, we all know her as a fallen pop star, who just made a dramatic comeback as one of the judges on 'American Idol'.

Yet, fans still adore her to death and crowds are still forming wherever she is or is expected to be. The same happened on Wednesday afternoon, when a rumor that Paula and a bunch of friends were having a bite to eat at L.A's trendy Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills.

And a mob of crazed fans and paparazzi (they couldn't possibly miss this opportunity!) gathered to see the star come out, to get autographs and pictures. Unfortunately, they had only this to see: a very low cut dress, exposing hanging breasts (to read: crappy breast implant) and what seems to be a concave hole right in the middle of her chest.

Word of advice: although the dress is actually kinda cute and despite the fact that it does look good on your (still slim) figure, never wear such a big cleavage when you know that your 'girls' aren't exactly that pretty. Or in their God's given place, for that matter...

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