Pink in a Bikini. Warning!

Hanging at the beach or just showing off his/her new body?

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Although I'm sorta the lazy type (I wouldn't get up to grab a cup of coffee if I can have someone bring it to me), I can't say I don't admire girls, women, whatever who go to the gym every single day or jog in the mornings to stay fit, especially when they're famous. Because, you see, female celebs should always look fit because they earn their money first and foremost because of the way they look (don't blame me, this is our culture!).

Endorsement deals make up for about 40 percent of a star's income so I imagine staying fit is a priority. But what do you do when you have Mister Universe Pink? Don't get me wrong, I think she is a good singer, she is a good entertainer (because she created this image of her - Pink, the bad-ass) and she also does other things on the side (charity and stuff).

But, as far as looks are concerned, I do believe Pink is switching sexes. Only I can't decide whether she is transforming from woman into man or from man into woman. I'll illustrate: Pink is seen in these pics in Miami, after a day on the beach with her (equally tattooed and dangerously looking) friends. Aside from the new inks that popped up on her body over night, the skull-imprinted bra, there is also the question of her rock abs.

Pink's bared midriff looks like a man's. Aren't only men supposed to have that kind of indents on the sides? When one sees these photos, the first reaction is to look below the waist line to see if there's nothing else there visible (you know what I mean, don't you?). Not even her breasts can make one stop from wondering if she's not also growing a penis, to go perfectly with the abs.

So, girls, a piece of advice: lay off the gym and do what any other normal person does - get fat and then bitch about it. And, gentlemen, if you're no longer in the splendid shape you once were, just ask Pink what to do. She probably knows better than any of you. Meanwhile, my lazy ass is going to ponder on how many possible ways Pink could break every single bone of my feeble body with the least effort. This is not cool, dude... I mean, dudette! I'm so confused right now!

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