Pink Thinks Peeing in the Street Is OK

No toilet in sight?

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Some things are too much to comment upon... And yet, do stars not know one of the first things our mothers taught us, meaning that when you need to go to the bathroom, you search and search until you find one, and you actually use it?

Pink seems to be a stranger to such an odd concept as that of toilet is... And, consequently, she takes it to the street. This is something that even Carmen Electra didn't dare to do, a while ago, when she had a little 'leakage' at the airport.

But, hey, this is Pink and everything that she does must shock the world. Of course, probably she didn't know that she was being photographed, but does that make it right? It was obviously something planned as the pictures that just surfaced on the Internet show her carefully barred by car doors, to block the view.

And she just goes at it. After all, peeing, just like other purely physiological needs, has to be met when necessity urges and there is absolutely nothing to control it. Sure, if you're a seven-month baby...

On the other hand, she seems really happy. She must have held it in for so long...

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