Ralph Fiennes Hated the First Two Harry Potter Films

He thought twice before accepting to play Lord Voldemort

Ralph Fiennes, alias Lord Voldemort from "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire", confessed that he has thought twice before accepting the part.
He wasn't quite a Harry Potter fan. On the contrary.

"To be honest, I didn't like the first two films, they didn't do anything for me", he said.
What would the PR team of the movie think of that statement?

Talking about how he decided to do the part, the actor said:
"All I knew was that my character, Voldemort, is the big, big Mr Evil who's more evil than anyone's ever been evil before.
But I thought, 'Aw, fuck it. It's so far from everything else I've done. It's two days work for a big fuck-off Mr Evil scene."

Mr Evil indeed, along with other dark scenes in the movie, is to result in the fourth Harry Potter, the scariest up to this moment.

The director of the movie, Mike Newell, declared that the producers have balanced the lower budget by allowing him almost complete artistic freedom, for which he is extremely grateful.

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