Revealed: Michael Jackson's Not the Father of His Kids

Apparently, his two elder children were a "gift" from his second wife

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The story around the elusive former pop superstar Michael Jackson is getting stranger and stranger. Two days ago I was telling you all about how the reclusive singer finally allowed his two older kids to run around the Luxor Hotel Casino in Las Vegas without any masks or veils covering their faces. Well, I hadn't seen photos of Michael's kids in a while - not to mention the "no mask on" part, so it came as a bit of a shock to see that both ten-year-old Prince Michael I and Paris, nine, look cute, healthy and happy. Not that I expected otherwise - or maybe I did, at some level. I'm not exactly sure how best to explain it, but given that their father is one of the most eccentric celebrities out there and has a documented dislike of anything that involves public exposure, I had this (childish, I think) notion that the children might not be quite right, if you know what I mean.

As far as looks go, at least, I was wrong. However, if you too were wondering how come both Michael's elder kids have flawlessly white skin, here comes the answer: they were indeed conceived by Michael's second wife, Debbie Rowe, but are not his biological children. In fact, Rowe herself claims that Paris and Prince were conceived with the help of a sperm donor. "Michael knows the truth. He has to come clean" she is quoted as saying. The fact is, from what Rowe has stated over the years, we can deduce that she and Jackson entered what is called a "surrogacy agreement" in 1996, about nine months before they were officially married. What that means is that she agreed to bear his children - not his biological children, mind you - and got a nice little reward for it. The price tag? A staggering £6million pay-off (about $10 million), a £1.6million Beverly Hills home, a car, clothes, furs and jewels.

Apparently, Jacko is still paying Debbie Rowe (whom he divorced a year later) about $50,000 a month. In the surrogacy agreement, Rowe agreed to "knowingly and voluntarily waive my right to contest Michael's paternity of either child" and "consent to Michael being declared the father". The strange part is that Rowe has completely renounced her child custody rights and has granted her former husband full custody of the couple's kids. She calls it a "gift" to Michael. So, let me get this straight - this lady, who married the pop star and then divorced him, is the mother of his children, who are not however his biological children, and also gave up any involvement in her kids' lives - all as a gift to Jacko and in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Is it just me, or this whole story is slightly eerie?

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