Robbie Williams Enters The Guinness Book of World Records

The famous British artist has set a new ticket sales record

Robbie Williams has recently broken a world record.
The famous singer has sold more than 1.6 million concert tickets for his 2006 world tour in just one day - earning an estimated $144 million (£80 million).
The British pop icon is confirmed to have snatched the record from Justin Timberlake and his former group, NSYNC, who shifted one million tickets over a 24-hour period in 2000.

The impressive ticket sales earned Robbie Williams a special spot in the 2007 Guinness World Book of Records. According to editor Craig Glenday, the record is "a proud day for British pop music".

Robbie Williams has been preparing for his new 40-date tour. The singer will entertain 2.6 million fans across the world.

Meanwhile, his former band mates from Take That have announced their reunion for a 2006 tour. Unfortunately, Robbie Williams won't be able to join them.

When talking about Robbie Williams' missing the reunion, his colleagues answered: "While we've been on holiday, he's been taking the world by storm. (…) The door is always open for Rob. If ever he's bored one day and we're on the road and he wants to come and sing a song, we're always ready to do that. We'll have a spare mic ready for him on stage".

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