Robbie Williams Misses Take That Reunion

The British pop star won't be able to attend a get-together meeting with his former Take That band-mates

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald have agreed to reunite in Notting Hill, West London, for a preview screening of a documentary about the group. The documentary will be screened on ITV1 on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, according to a source quoted by Sunday Mirror, "Robbie announced he wasn't coming. The rest of the band were gutted but felt the show had to go on".

Robbie Williams has recently confessed that the band saved him from drugs.
Apparently, the Take That members kept him clean, though they still enjoyed smoking cannabis.

"Before Take That I'd done acid, speed and smoked a lot of weed so I was sort of heading into that direction anyway", Williams told an ITV documentary.

"In all seriousness I would have been a dealer or a burglar and that's the truth because I would not have had the money to fund my addiction. (…) I'd have probably been in jail now", the singer added.

"But for the other lads it wasn't really part of their life, other than we used to like to smoke weed and then giggle", Robbie said.