Rockstar's Position on Critics

The Warriors

Dan Houser, vice-president of Rockstar Games' creativity department, has recently criticized those who condemn the violence in the company's video games without even trying the game for themselves.

In an interview for the New York Times, Houser was very hard on critics and he condemned the way in which people perceive video games. At the same time, he expressed his frustration regarding the critics who issue opinions without even having a clue on the subject.

Houser is not against criticism, but he likes constructive criticism and even launches an invitation: "large numbers of people criticize something and haven't even done it, it's very frustrating. There's a large amount of the population that lives in relative ignorance and only hears scary stories about what we do".

Leaving the critics aside, Houser agreed to offer some information about Rockstar's title, "The Warriors". This will be a wrestling game for those who have stopped playing other games because they constantly lost to 15-year-olds with incredible reflexes and a "solid experience" in gaming.

"The Warriors" will also have a therapeutic purpose. From what Houser said, people are sick and tired of continuously losing, and they want a game they can win so that they feel good about themselves.

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