Rod Stewart Turns His Face To God

Apparently, Rod Stewart has finally found God.

Apparently, Rod Stewart has finally found God. His fiancée and future wife, religious model Penny Lancaster, declared that his dedication to religion has manifested itself over issues like whether or not to propose and have a child together.

She told Hello! magazine how the 9/11 attacks also affected his faith: "After the tragedy we began going to church a lot.

Wherever we were on tour, if there was a church and the door was open, we'd go in and have a prayer.

One thing I would pray about was to ask that Rod would see the light and realize that I was true and real. What I didn't realize was that Rod was praying for just the same things. It has drawn a strong, spiritual bond between us."

About their wedding, Penny said they were planning a winter wedding but put the date back when they found out Lancaster was expecting their first child together.

She says: "I think we'll opt for the South of France, in Provence, where we're currently buying a house. We went over to look at it recently and as soon as we drove through the gates we fell in love with it.

It's quite perfect, a very traditional painted house with shutters, neat and compact with four bedrooms, lots of terraces and stunning views.

Everything in our lives has all seemed to come together in the last couple of months - the engagement, the baby and now the dream house.

After Rod proposed we thought we might get married around November or December. Then, when we found out I'd fallen pregnant, those plans had to be changed. Now we'll probably leave it to summer next year."


By    15 Jul 2005, 14:07 GMT