Ronaldinho Is Suing His Girlfriend

Alexandra Paressant stated that, during the World Cup, her boyfriend used to leave his hotel room and party with her every night


Ronaldinho seems more and more preoccupied with his image as a footballer. Ever since the World Cup ended, all the Brazilian players suffered a tremendous blow in terms of image. Even if he charmed Europe with his dribbling and sensational passes, the Barcelona star and Most Valuable Player on the Planet did not manage to pull out the same performances during the World Cup.

And the media started blaming both him and his teammates. Too many parties, drinking before World Cup matches, orgies, skipping practice, etc. These were just a few reasons that the media found decent for Brazil's terrible performance at the World Cup.

More, after the competition ended, Ronaldinho's girlfriend, Alexandra Paressant, stated that her "boy" skipped camp every night so that the couple could party all night long. And that made Ronaldinho not very loved in Brazil. Still, after hearing all this, the Brazilian star decided to sue the Frenchwoman so that he can clear his image.

"I am very sad to see all these stories about me in the media. Those are nothing but false information about by personal life and about an assumed relationship that could have affected my play during the World Cup. My lawyers will start the suing procedures against Miss Paressant so that my name could be cleared", stated Ronaldinho earlier in the weekend.

Whether Alexandra did it on purpose, just so that she could benefit from the story - both financially and in terms of popularity - we are still to find out. What matters the most is that the two are now finished and that the Frenchwomen will have to appear before a judge sooner or later and prove her sayings.


By    31 Jul 2006, 12:05 GMT