Scott Baio Lost His Virginity to a Couch

Another biography, another set of sex revelations

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Let me start by telling you who Scott Baio is: he came to fame when he was just 16 years old, once he took the part of the tough little cousin in 'Happy Days'. Later, he starred in a spin-off of 'Happy Days', called 'Joanie Loves Chachi', which lasted only one season because the low audience ratings. Afterwards, his career went on a downward spiral, Baio working mainly on TV shows and movies that failed to attract too much attention. He also had a recurring role in 'Arrested Development', a series that somehow put him back on the map.

Like any other B-list celebrity in need of some media coverage, Scott is now publishing his autobiography, called 'BaioWatch: How I Loved and Dated Hollywood's Most Beautiful Women and Ended Up Alone'. Phew! That was a long title... Anyway, it seems like writing about one's sex life is definitely the IT thing right now so, I ask, why shouldn't he do it?

Baio doesn't hold back at all when he writes about his sex life: he talks about dating Pamela Anderson, Heather 'The One that Got Away' Locklear and Liza Minnelli, back when she was 51 years old. As usual, there are plenty of gross details, like saying that Liza offered to buy his sperm, and funny ones, like that part in which he recalls how he lost his virginity to a couch.

Scott writes about his first sexual experience, with 'Happy Days' co-star Erin Moran: 'I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say after we got naked. So for the first five minutes, maybe less-hell, it might have been the first twenty seconds-I'm doing it and thinking, man, this is really uncomfortable. What happened was, my thing was between the cushions on the couch and I didn't even know it. Instead of being inside Erin, I was humping a corduroy sofa!'.

Then, the actor goes on to give all the details of his talk with Liza, in which she told him that she wanted his sperm: '"I really want your sperm. You're a talented, good-looking Italian guy. That's what I want my child to be." I was incredulous. "What are you gonna do with my sperm?" "Well, I'm going to take my egg and put it into somebody else's body."'

There is no word yet as to when the autobiography will be published but, according to sources, it is now in final form and being shopped all around town.

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