Sean Penn: My Brother's Weight Killed Him

The actor talks about his brother's demise for the first time

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The usually reclusive actor and Oscar winning director, Sean Penn, talks for the very first time about his brother's death, which took place in January. Chris Penn was found dead in his condominium and although traces of morphine, marijuana and codeine were found in his blood, Sean said that food was his brother's 'deadliest addiction'.

'The problem was weight. He had certainly been a fantastically self-abusing guy over periods of his life, but that wasn't the case in the end. I mean, it was a natural death. But a natural death that was brought on by some hard living, but particularly weight.', a grieving Sean told Larry King in a recent interview.

The star also confessed that, although a long time passed since the tragic loss, he still feels as if he had lost a piece of himself that night. 'It's a piece of you. I'm one of three, so I'm either my right, left arm or the center at various times, and each was the other, so I intermittently have lost my right arm, the left or in the center, but that's life and people go through that', the actor also admitted.

Sean Penn is currently in Canada, where he is promoting his latest movie, 'All King's Men', also starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. The historical drama will air in the US later today.

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